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137. Why Oral Health May Be Why You Aren’t Healing - Dr. Al Danenberg

October 04, 2021 Judy Cho
Nutrition with Judy
137. Why Oral Health May Be Why You Aren’t Healing - Dr. Al Danenberg
Show Notes

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Al Danenberg, a periodontist, certified functional medicine practitioner and a balanced metabolic coach. After a terminal multiple myeloma diagnosis, Dr. Al Danenberg wasn’t supposed to make it to see 2019, let alone be thriving right now. With nothing to lose, and everything to gain, he developed a plan that evolved into his Unconventional Cancer Protocols, combining in-depth research of ancestral nutrition & lifestyle changes with his knowledge from 44 years of as a periodontist. Now, he focuses on helping others regain control of their health.

We discuss the following in chronological order:

  1. Dr. Al Danenberg’s introduction and his healing journey with a meat-based diet.
  2. Why is it foundationally critical to have good oral hygiene? 
  3. The dangers of amalgams and even iron fillings that are toxic? 
  4. Root canal? Dead space for bacteria?
  5. Cavitations. There’s a whole movement about how we may have holes in our jaws and how since we uproot the nerves, these bacteria can live rent free and proliferate. And no matter how much healing we do in the rest of the body, we never fully heal. 
  6. How does Dr. Danenberg test for oral health? 3D? 
  7. How do teeth drain into the lymph system?
  8. How do we ensure the best oral hygiene?
  9. Thoughts on copper? 
  10. Dr. Danenberg’s biggest tips to support the body fighting against cancer.
  11. First step in healing the oral microbiome.
  12. Why do some carnivores get more tartar in their teeth?
  13. Rotterdam study
  14. Dr. Danenberg’s mouth microbiome support trick with a spore-based probiotic.
  15. Benefits of colostrum vs immunoglobulins.
  16. Where to find Dr. Danenberg?




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