Nutrition with Judy

251. End Chronic Back Pain Naturally - Dr. Lysander Jim

October 16, 2023 Judy Cho
Nutrition with Judy
251. End Chronic Back Pain Naturally - Dr. Lysander Jim
Show Notes

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I'm excited to sit down with Dr. Lysander Jim. We talk about back pain, chronic disc injuries, and much more. Make sure to listen to the full interview to learn more.

Dr. Lysander Jim is a board certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Doctor. He is a specialist in treatment of low back pain and disc injury. He is an expert in Environmental Medicine, Chronic Inflammation and MCAS, and is the founder of Mastery Medical Clinic. Dr. Lysander Jim is a lecturer and instructor for the CIRS’ Proficiency Partner Program, and is a published researcher and author of Specific Spine: A Doctor’s Guide to a Healthy Back.

We discuss the following:

  • All about Dr. Lysander Jim
  • Back pain
  • Causes of disc pain 
  • Chronic disc injuries
  • Best standing position
  • Back pain and disc
  • Back pain and posture
  • Micromovement training
  • Back pain medications
  • Standing and sucking in
  • Wearing heels and heavy-lifting
  • Diet and exercise for back pain
  • Sleep positions
  • Back injury and stress
  • Where to find Dr. Lysander Jim




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