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247. Finding Root Cause Healing in Chronic Illness: Your Perfect Carnivore Diet - Cheryl Huftalen

September 25, 2023 Judy Cho
Nutrition with Judy
247. Finding Root Cause Healing in Chronic Illness: Your Perfect Carnivore Diet - Cheryl Huftalen
Show Notes

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I'm excited to sit down with Cheryl Huftalen. We talk about her journey with chronic illness, supplements, and much more. Make sure to listen to the full interview to learn more. 

Cheryl Huftalen is a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Functional Supplement Specialist, Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, and a certified Trauma Sensitive HeartMath Practitioner. Cheryl became passionate about her health and the health of those around her initially through her own struggles. She learned in her early twenties that she was not getting to the root cause of her issues in doctor’s offices where diet, toxic exposures, toxin accumulations, supplements, traumas, and mindset were not being addressed.

Learning the hard way, Cheryl was one of the chronically sensitive individuals who was reacting to her environment and virtually all foods she was consuming on a daily basis. She knew she needed help in a more non-traditional way where she could work on her digestion, hormones, detoxification, and stress. This led Cheryl down a long path with many ups and downs to change her health, her career, and ultimately her whole life.  

We discuss the following:

  • All about Cheryl Huftalen
  • Cheryl’s journey with chronic illness
  • Working with NwJ
  • Eating meat-based
  • Things learned from the wellness industry
  • Supplements
  • The support you need when eating nutrient dense meat
  • Root cause of Cheryl’s gut
  • Struggles and successes with clients
  • Thoughts on dietary and wellness trends
  • Tools to be successful on a carnivore diet
  • Cheryl’s tallow product
  • Key tips for healing




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