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165. 300+ Episodes Recorded – Steps to Improve Your Life – Vaughn Kohler

March 21, 2022 Judy Cho
Nutrition with Judy | Carnivore Diet
165. 300+ Episodes Recorded – Steps to Improve Your Life – Vaughn Kohler
Show Notes

So excited about this conversation with Vaughn Kohler. We discuss how to overcome struggles in life, how to be successful, and how to keep fighting. I hope that this interview shares a lot of tactical ways that you can heal and be successful in this world. Vaughn and Andy Frisella were instrumental while I was writing Carnivore Cure and I hope that this conversation brings you further hope and healing. 

Vaughn Kohler is a writer, speaker, and consultant who currently lives in Manhattan Kansas. From 2015-2019, he served as co-host for The MFCEO Project, one of the top-rated business and success podcasts in the world.

Vaughn is the author of Sacred Drive, Biblical Principles for Pursuing Your God-Given Potential, and runs a group program called Empowered Fellowship.

He also co-wrote a Children’s books series called Otis and Charley, helping children learn values, mindset, and grit at a very young age.

We discuss the following:

  • About Vaughn Kohler
  • Thoughts on co-hosting the MFCEO podcast
  • 3 keys to be successful
  • Thoughts on #75Hard and how to keep going
  • How to overcome struggles in life
  • Tips for people who are struggling
  • Common traits with people who are struggling
  • The dichotomy between making money and helping people
  • Bad ambition vs holy ambition
  • Story about his grandfather and God’s grace
  • Empowered Fellowship
  • Otis and Charley book series
  • Life tips to people
  • Where to find Vaughn Kohler



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