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Microbiome and Mindset | Skin Health, Heavy Metals, Histamines, Autism - Mary Ruddick Part 2

January 24, 2022 Judy Cho Episode 155
Nutrition with Judy
Microbiome and Mindset | Skin Health, Heavy Metals, Histamines, Autism - Mary Ruddick Part 2
Show Notes

This is part 2 of a two-part interview with Mary Ruddick. You can listen to part 1 here.

I really enjoyed my conversation with Mary Ruddick. She’s a practicing nutritionist and understands what works in “real life” versus what works in theory. We talked about what we’re seeing in our practices and what has been working for our patients.

Mary Ruddick is a seasoned medical nutritionist, researcher, and philanthropist who specializes in metabolic, immune, and nervous system disorders. She spent the last several years traveling throughout Africa, the Blue Zones, and throughout remote regions of the world to observe the diets of those not affected by chronic, infectious, or emergent disease. She is currently studying with tribes throughout Latin and South America while concurrently conducting a twelve-month study on Neuropathy in the States.

We discuss the following:

0:52 Thoughts on microbiome. Do we need diversity?
1:57 Fiber is a tool
3:48 Plant fiber for short-term fatty acids
6:27 Thoughts on skin microbiome
12:55 Thoughts on not eating fish because of mercury and PFAs
16:19 Buying conventional meat
18:42 Adding fish for omega-3s
21:26 Histamine issues on carnivore
27:35 Histamine symptoms to foods that are meat-based
29:34 Antihistamine probiotics in kimchi and kefir
30:37 Lifestyle component is important
36:32 Believe that your body is healing
38:41 Nervous system and mental health
41:06 The Blue Zone diet
46:36 Insights on popular diets like the Blue Zone, Mediterranean and vegetarian diets
49:03 Greatest tips learned through traveling
54:28 Where to find Mary Ruddick
57:35 Outro


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