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153. World Carnivore Month 2022 - Dr. Shawn Baker

January 10, 2022 Judy Cho
Nutrition with Judy
153. World Carnivore Month 2022 - Dr. Shawn Baker
Show Notes

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Shawn Baker.  We talked about the carnivore community and what’s recently been going on.

Shawn Baker MD is a co-founder of Revero, an orthopedic surgeon, world leading authority on treating disease with medical nutritional therapy, best-selling author of “The Carnivore Diet”, world champion athlete, international speaker, podcast host, and consultant.

We discuss the following:

1:43 All about Dr. Shawn Baker
2:42 Harvard questionnaire study and the future of additional studies
8:09 Donation to clinical trial
11:36 Celebration of World Carnivore Month (WCM)
15:49 Thoughts on carbohydrates and thyroid health
21:09 Testosterone levels on a carnivore diet   
27:11 Thoughts on the movement of fruits, honey and sugar as not the cause of insulin resistance
30:41 Concerns with a carnivore diet adding fructose and sugary foods to the diet
39:07 Name change from MeatRx to Revero
42:53 Tips for people getting started on carnivore
48:06 How to join Revero
50:39 Where to find Dr. Shawn Baker
51:31 Thoughts on Revero
53:08 Closing thoughts



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