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142. Thyroid Health and Thriving on a Carnivore Diet - Dr. Elizabeth Bright

November 01, 2021 Judy Cho
Nutrition with Judy
142. Thyroid Health and Thriving on a Carnivore Diet - Dr. Elizabeth Bright
Show Notes

Hey guys! 

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Elizabeth Bright for a second discussion on thyroid, hormones, and iodine. 

As an Osteopath and Naturopath Dr. Bright specializes in optimizing the body’s natural power to regenerate. Osteopathy and Naturopathy remove obstacles to this power through gentle, efficient, and dynamic transformation.

We discuss the following in chronological order:

  1. About Dr. Bright
  2. Discussing the basic thyroid markers, and how it breaks down into usable T3? So TSH  to T4, T3 and RT3 and then antibodies? 
  3. Why does low T3 occur?
  4. Why do people think carbs help with thyroid function? 
  5. Low thyroid function impairs digestion so how does a hypothyroid sufferer tolerate fat?
  6. Beta Blockers and medications
  7. Undereating on low carb diet
  8. How to transition to higher fat
  9. Why 5 meals a day
  10. The role of the pancreas and thyroid inhibitors
  11. Women saying they sleep best at night with carbs? Especially during menopause?
  12. Why are people scared of iodine? Have you worked with anyone that doesn’t need more iodine or has overdosed with iodine? 
  13. Some clients/patients get off most of their thyroid medication but still have some need for it. They don’t have autoimmune, they worked on the gut but why can’t they fully get off their thyroid medications?
  14. Bioidentical hormones?
  15. The relationship between sodium and blood pressure with the thyroid. 
  16. Where to find Dr. Elizabeth Bright

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