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Cardiologist Discusses Low-Carb and Heart Health - Dr. Bret Scher, Diet Doctor

August 09, 2021 Judy Cho Episode 128
Nutrition with Judy
Cardiologist Discusses Low-Carb and Heart Health - Dr. Bret Scher, Diet Doctor
Show Notes

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Bret Scher, who is a cardiologist and the host of the Diet Doctor podcast. 

We discuss the following in chronological order:

  1. Dr. Bret Scher’s introduction.
  2. Lately there are people in the low carb space that say the insulin glucose model isn’t fully accurate. Can you share thoughts? Does it even matter when we’re already metabolically impacted?
  3. Newer research shows that higher fat can cause an insulinogenic effect but later. So maybe we need to be a bit more watchful about the fat load but could we even do high protein with limited fat on a carnivore diet? (rabbit starvation?) Can tracking on CGMs not necessarily be ideal?
  4. As a cardiologist, what are your thoughts on cholesterol? In the low carb space, we often cite studies where we don’t need to be worried if our LDL is high with a higher HDL and lower triglyceride level, but is there a point where LDL being high 
  5. Best test for heart health?  And what are most concerning scores for CVD? 
  6. Some say we need carbs for better insulin sensitivity and when we starve the body of too much glucose, we stress the body. Some then say, keto is not ideal long-term. That it may be too catabolizing. Thoughts? 
  7. What kinds of exercising do you recommend?
  8. Thoughts on a high fat meat-based diet with lots of fruit? (carbs of 100-200g) is it dangerous to pair carbs and fat? Will the fat essentially get stored and risk insulin resistance? 
  9. Do you eat mostly keto? 
  10. Are you concerned about anti-nutrients?
  11. Any studies with LCHF diets and better outcomes with COVID? 
  12. Of all your patients and diet doctor audience, what have you seen to be the most successful tips for healing and better health? 51:30
  13. Where to find Dr. Bret Scher.








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