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191. Real Life Keto – How to Lower Insulin Resistance Long Term - Dr. Annette Bosworth (Dr. Boz)

August 29, 2022 Judy Cho
Nutrition with Judy
191. Real Life Keto – How to Lower Insulin Resistance Long Term - Dr. Annette Bosworth (Dr. Boz)
Show Notes

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I'm excited to sit down with Dr. Annette Bosworth. We talk about hormones and sleep on a ketogenic diet, the Dr. Boz ratio and much more. Make sure to listen to the full interview to learn more.

Dr. Annette Bosworth helps reverse medical problems through a ketogenic diet. As an Internal Medicine physician, she uses her clinical experience to educate people on how to optimize their health.

Dr. Boz has been featured on CNN, Time Magazine, US News & World Report, Fox News, and more. Her first book, Anyway You Can, sold over 100,000 copies and inspired many to improve their health through ketogenic nutrition.

We discuss the following:

  • All about Dr. Annette Bosworth
  • Hormones and sleep on a ketogenic diet
  • Low insulin on a ketogenic diet
  • Is keto best for cancer and Alzheimer’s?
  • Exogenous ketones and cognitive function
  • Glucose and A1C
  • Testing A1C at home
  • The Dr. Boz ratio
  • Blood sugar and ketones on a carnivore diet
  • Women who don’t eat much in a 4-hour window
  • Sharing not good ratios on social media
  • Tips for healing and better health
  • How does she provide wellness for all
  • Where to find Dr. Annette Bosworth




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